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Lesson 56 Faster than sound


1.    What was the most unusual car entering for the race?

The most unusual car was a Benz which had only three wheels.

2.    What speed did the winning car reach?

The winning car reached a speed of forty miles an hour.


1. sound  n. 声音      

派生:sound  v.  听起来

翻译: The idea sounds good. 这个主意听起来不错。

2. excitement  n. 兴奋

翻译:The boys were running with excitement.


3. handsome  adj. 漂亮的,美观的

翻译:The handsome waiter received a handsome tip.


近义词辨析:handsome V.S. beautiful V.S. pretty V.S good-looking

1) He is a very handsome young man. 帅气的(形容男性)

2) She used to be very pretty as a child. She is now a beautifulwoman. 漂亮的 美丽的

3) She’s a very good-looking girl, and her boyfriend’s good-lookingtoo. 好看的

4) handsome car 拉风的小汽车

4. Rolls-Royce  罗尔斯·罗伊斯

5. Benz  n. 奔驰

6. wheel  n. 轮子

翻译:the country on the wheel  车轮上的国家美国

词组:steering wheel 方向盘

7. explosion  n. 爆炸


The horse took a fright at the sound of the explosion.

The explosion of oil prices caused an economical crisis.


派生:explosive  adj. 爆炸性的  n. 炸药

8. course  n. 跑道,行程


Fish was the last course that day. 那天, 鱼是最后一道

She took a course in maths. 她修了一门数学课

9. rival  n. 对手

翻译:Tom and I were rivals for the job.


10. speed  v. 疾驶 (speed – spedsped)

词组:speed up  加快速度

反义:slow down  

词组:speeding ticket     超速罚单

11. downhill  adv. 下坡

翻译:Business is going downhill. 生意正在走下坡


1. Once a year, a race is held for old cars.

l  结构:be held = a race takes place  举办比赛(被动)

2. A lot of cars entered for this race last year and there was a great deal of excitement just before it began.

l  词组:a great deal of excitement 很兴奋  

     a great deal of  大量的,后面跟不可数名词,(具体见语法重点)

l  句式:there be句型可以用来表示情绪氛围


     There was a great deal of sympathy among us.

l   句式:在L24课中,还学习了there be + 抽象名词


     There is no harm in doing that.

3. One of the most handsome cars was a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. The most unusual car was a Benz which had only three wheels. Built in 1885, it was the oldest car taking part.

l  语法:built in 1885过去分词表示原因

l  语法:taking part 现在分词后置定语

4. After a great many loud explosions, the race began.

l  词组:a great many 很多,后面只能跟可数名词

翻译:a great many solutions  很多解决办法(详见语法重点)

5. Many of the cars broke down on the course and some drivers spent more time under their cars than in them!

l  词组:break down 出故障,崩溃  如:

   翻译:My car broke down and had to be sent to a garage.


      He may break down under all the pressure.


l   介词的妙用:under ≈ repair   in ≈ drive


6. A few cars, however, completed the race.

l  词组:a few 只能修饰可数名词

7. The winning car reached a speed of forty miles an hour -- much faster than any of its rivals. It sped downhill at the end of the race and its driver had a lot of trouble trying to stop it.

l  单词:reach

  1) The winning car reached a speed of 40 miles an hour.


  2) Will you pass me that book please? I can’t reach it. 够得着

  3) The chicken has good price. It’s within our reach. 买得起

  4) reach New York 到达

l  词组:have a lot of trouble (in) doing  做某事有困难


     My grandma is getting old, and she always has a lot of trouble (in) remembering small things.

8. The race gave everyone a great deal of pleasure. It was very different from modern car races but no less exciting.

l  词组:no less exciting = as exciting as … 不亚于,同样地

   翻译:He is no less clever than his elder brother.



    This film is no less interesting than that one.


What’s faster than sound?  light

Speed of light299792458 m/s

Speed of sound340.29 m/s



employment, movement, retirement


Handsome is as handsome does.



Rolls-Royce is made up of two men’s names, Charles S. Rolls and Henry Royce. Rolls-Royce has been largely hand-made and always one of the most expensive cars on the market.


The United States is called a country on wheels because a bit over one out of four households are the owners of two cars.



opponent, competitor


once a year进行提问:

how often


enter for take part in填空:

1. Many competitors have entered for the high jump.

2. We are all invited to take part in the Olympic Games.

总结:enter for强调报名参加,take part in 强调参加参与到活动中


reach New York可换成:

arrive in


The average speed of a car is 60 miles an hour.


This way is no better than that one.




ü  much, a great deal of, a great amount of, quite a little+ 不可数名词

ü  many, a great many, a great number of, quite a few+ 可数名词

ü  a lot of, plenty of+ 可数名词/不可数名词


1. A great deal ofmoney was lost in the fire.

2. A great manypassengers died in the air crash.


1. 我可以做很多事来帮助他。

There isa great deal / muchI can do to help him.

2. 我今天喝了不少。

I drank a lot today.

Challenge yourself!

EasyFill in the blanks.

1. Agreatdealofwater couldn’t have saved his life.

2. Sometimes Sam eats agreatmanyapples, but today he didn’t.

MediumComplete the sentences with the proper participle form of the given words.

3. There were some children swimming(swim) in the river.

4. The speaker answered all the questions raised(raise) by the audience.


5. 尽管这个故事很短,但它激动人心的程度不亚于长篇故事。

Although the story is short, it is no less exciting than long stories.