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Lesson 79 By air


1. Who would take charge of me?

A flight attendant.

2. Why did the plane suddenly turn around and flew back to the airport?

Because the police had been told that a bomb had been planted on the plane.


1. parent  n. 父(母)亲

2. flight attendant  空中乘务员

3. frightened  adj. 害怕的,担惊的

4. curious  adj. 急于了解的,好奇的

结构:be curious about sth. 对……充满好奇


Babies are curious about everything around them.

派生:n. curiosity 好奇心

翻译:Curiosity kills cats. 好奇心杀死猫。

5. bomb  n. 炸弹

词组:a bomb attack 炸弹袭击

6. plant  v. 安放

翻译:A bomb was planted on the plane.



1. I used to travel by air a great deal when I was a boy.

l   词组:used to do sth. 过去常常做某事(动词不定式总复习详见语法重点)

l   词组:a great deal of + 不可数名词

         本课文中a great deal副词词组

travel a great deal = travel a lot(教学说明:可让学生口头造句“吃了不少” ,“读了不少”【学生版不出现】)

2. My parents used to live in South America and I used to fly there from Europe in the holidays. A flight attendant would take charge of me and I never had an unpleasant experience.

l   词组:take charge (of)… 照顾;接管,开始管理


She took charge of the child after his parents died.

l   单词:experience 经历(可数),经验(不可数)

3. I am used to travelingby air and only on one occasion have I ever felt frightened.

l   词组:be used to + n. / pron. / doing 习惯做某事

l   词组:on one occasion 有一次

翻译:还有一次 on another occasion

l   结构:Only + 副词、介词短语、状语 放句首时,部分倒装


翻译:Only then did I understand what she meant.



      Only this afternoon did he finish that novel.

4. After taking off, we were flying low over the city and slowly gaining height, when the plane suddenly turned round and flew back to the airport.

l   词组:take off 起飞      

l   词组:gain height (飞机)增加高度,爬高

gain+名词gain weight, gain speed…(教学说明:让学生自己来想,并造句【学生版不出现】)

句式分析:after + doing充当时间状语


5. While we were waiting to land, a flight attendant told us to keep calm and to get off the plane as soon as it had touched down.

l  单词:land 着陆

l   词组:touch down 下降      

6. Everybody on boardwas worried and we were curious to find out what had happened.

l   词组:on board 在……(如飞机)上,搭乘(船,飞机,火车,汽车等)


He has never been on board a plane before.

l   语法:what 引导宾语从句

7. Later we learnt that there was a very important person on board. The police had been told that a bomb had been planted on the plane. After we had landed, the plane was searched thoroughly.

l   过去完成时的被动语态 had been done

8. Fortunately, nothing was found and five hours later we were able to take off again.

l  单词:fortunately 幸运地 = luckily


Honestly, I think you are mistaken.


Industry is the parent of success. 勤奋是成功之母。

Novelty is the great parent of pleasure. 新奇生乐趣。



令人害怕的 = scary



n. 植物  v. 种植、栽种



He used to smoke.

He gets used to smoking.





Children need to experiencethings for themselves in order to learn from them.



take off还有什么意思?






England, Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Netherlands/ Holland, motherland/ fatherland, wonderland




判断to do成分:

1. I want to leave. 宾语(L67)

2. I want him to leave.宾语补足语(L91)

3. I’m happy to see you. 宾语(L72)

4. It’s important to learn English. 主语(L78)

5. I’m saving my money in order to buy a car. 目的状语(L50)

Challenge yourself!

EasyComplete the following sentences according to the given information.

1. In my experience(经验), people usually smile back if you smile at them.

2. To tell the truth, I was frightened(害怕)to go to school.

MediumChoose the correct answer.

( A) 3. I _____________ a walk in the garden with my father when I was young.

      A. used to take  B. was used to talking  C. was used to take  D. used to taking

( D) 4. I can’t follow ________ you are saying.

      A. it          B. whose          C. who            D. what



5. 只有早起,我们才能赶上那列火车。

 Only if we get up early can we catch the train.