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Lesson 82 Monster or fish?


1. What do fishermen and sailors sometimes claim to have seen?

They sometimes claim to have seen monstersin the sea.

2. Can you describe the fish?

 It had a head like a horse, big blueeyes, shining silverskin, and a bright redtail.


1. monster  n. 怪物

2. sailor  n. 海员

3. sight  v. 见到


I haven’t sighted the handsome boy next door for ten years.

n. 视力

词组:catch sight of 看见


John always dreams of catching sight of an UFO.

词组:in sight 看得见,在视线内

out of sight  看不见

翻译:Out of sight, out of mind.




4. creature  n. 动物,生物


He always goes to bed at ten. He’s a creature of habit.

5. peculiar  adj. 奇怪的,不寻常的

近义词:strange; weird; odd; unusual

6. shining  adj. 闪闪发光的

7. oarfish  n. 桨鱼


1. Fishermen and sailors sometimes claim to have seen monsters in the sea.

l  单词:claim  v. 声称,断言;夺走……生命

用法:claim to have done 声称曾做过某事(详见语法重点)


         They claimed to have discovered a new planet.

2. Though people have often laughed at stories told by seamen, it is now known that many of these 'monsters' which have at timesbeen sighted are simply strange fish.

l  语法:though / although / even though表示“尽管”,后面主句不可以再用but了。

l  语法:told 过去分词后置定语

l  句式:it is known / said / reported that …


It is said that 2 million people will settle down in the Mars in


l  语法:which have …定语从句修饰名词monster

l  词组:at times 有时,偶尔

l  单词:simply在这句话的意思是“仅仅,只不过

3. Occasionally, unusual creatures are washed to the shore, but they are rarelycaught out at sea.

l  单词:rarely  adv. 罕见地

l  词组:out at sea 在远海

4. Some time ago, however, a peculiar fish was caught near Madagascar.

l  辨析:

some time 名词词组:一段时间 = a while

some times 名词词组: 几次

   sometime  adv. 某时(一般用于过去时或者将来时)

   sometimes  adv. 有时

5. A small fishing boat was carried miles out to sea by the powerful fish as it pulled on the line. Realizing that this was no ordinary fish, the fisherman made every effort not todamage it in any way.

l   词组:make every effort to do sth. = make all efforts to do sth. 尽一切努力做某事

l   句子分析:这句话中,主语是the fisherman,谓语动词是made,所以realizing在这句话中是非谓语动词


l   语法:表示目的to do/ so as to do/ in order to do

     其否定形式not to do/ so as not to do/ in order not to do

l   词组:in any way 以任何方式

6. When it was eventually brought to shore, it was found to be over thirteen feet long.

l   it was found to be… 不定式的被动语态(详见语法重点)

7. It had a head like a horse, big blue eyes, shining silver skin, and a bright red tail.

l   修饰词的顺序:限数描大形,新色国材名

(限定词+数字+描绘性+大小 +形状 + 新旧+颜色 + 国家+材料+被修饰的名词【学生版不出现】)

8. The fish, which has since been sent to a museum where it is being examined by a scientist, is called an oarfish.

l   语法:which 引导的是非限制性定语从句

         where 引导的是定语从句,修饰museum,相当于in


    e.g. This is the village where I grew up.

      = This is the village in which I grew up.

l  语法:it is being examined 被动语态的进行时态


  That clavichord is now being repaired by a friend of my father’s.

9. Such creatures have rarely been seen aliveby man as they live at a depth of six hundred feet.

l  单词:alive表语形容词,不可以用作定语

l  用法:at a depth ofdepth可以换做同类名词height/ weight/ length …


short sight V.S near sight


两者都可以指近视,但是short sight还有目光短浅,缺乏远见的意思,short sight的反义词是foresight





Oarfish is a very long ribbonfish. It is a kind of deep-water tropical fish. It has a red dorsal fin.桨鱼是一种生活在热带深海的带鱼 ,背上有一条红色的背鳍。


laugh at sb.表示嘲笑某人,那么猜一猜laugh at 在下句中是什么意思呢?

e.g. In his childhood, he learned how to laugh atdifficulties.











afraid, alone, ashamed, asleep...






to do

to be done


to have done

to have been done


to be doing

注:to have done完成时表示此动作在谓语动作之前发生。

Fishermen and sailors sometimes claimto have seenmonsters in the sea.(对比claimsee的先后)


I’m sorry to have saidthat.(表完成

He didn’t want to be cheated.(表被动

A new bridge is said to have been builtover the river.(表被动完成

He pretended to be sleepingwhen his mother came.(表进行

EX. 翻译:

1. 她似乎早已听闻此事。(seem)

  She seems to have known this.

2. 大学毕业后他要求送他去西部工作。(ask)

  He asked to be sent to western area to work after graduation.

3. 据说这本小说早已被译成5国语言(translate)

  This novel is said to have been translatedinto 5 languages.

Challenge yourself!

EasyChoose the correct answer.

( D) 1. Betty got up early in order _______ she might see the sun rising.

A. to         B. which      C. when        D. that    

( C) 2. ________ bravely they fought the enemy.

    A. What      B. What a      C. How        D. How a

MediumChoose the correct answer.

( A) 3. If we had followed his advice, we could have done the job better with _____ money and _____


A. less, fewer    B. less, less    C. fewer, less   D. fewer, fewer

HardTranslate the sentence

4. 这种植物在300米深的海域生长。

  This plant lives atadepthof300 meters in the sea.

5. 意识到他是以为贵客,服务员非常礼貌。

 Realizing he is a distinguished guest, the waiter was very polite.